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Diversity of Herptiles

To describe the extant of herpetofauna of Nepal is not an easy task, especially as there are many forms regarded close to extinction according to international regulations by IUCN or CITES. Shah (1995) listed 143 species of amphibians and reptiles in Nepal, with 43 species of amphibians (one salamander, four toads and 38 frogs) and 100 species of reptiles (24 lizards, 14 turtles, two crocodiles and 60 snakes). A recent study conducted by Aryal, et al. (2010) has reported 17 species of turtles in Nepal.

Of the total species of herpetofauna from Nepal, thirteen species of reptiles are included in the CITES Appendices (seven species in Appendix I; four species in Appendix II; two species in Appendix III) and one species of amphibian has been included in CITES Appendices (Appendix II) (HMGN/MFSC 2002). Eleven species of herpetofauna have been to be endemic to Nepal (Shah 1995).


1. Documentation of herpetofauna of Nepal
2. Cooperation with different stakes of society to disseminate information regarding the status and immediate needs for the conservation of herpetofauna and their habitats
3. Turtle conservation works in low lands of Nepal

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CARON published turtle conservation leaflets and poster in partnership with other stakeholders.

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