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Conservation in Nepal

The National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act enacted in 1973 provides for the protection of only three reptilian species under its schedule 1. They are Asiatic rock python Python molurus, golden monitor Varanus flavescens and gharial Gavialis gangeticus. Based on their present status (different threats, rareness, endemicity etc) many other species merit legal protection status, however there has not been any amendment in the content of this schedule till to-date.
Nepal is party to a number of international conventions including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).One species of frog Hoplobatrachus tigerinus is included in the CITES Appendix-II. Likewise both species of crocodile, golden monitor lizard, Asiatic rock python and four species of turtle are included in the Appendix-I. Six species of turtle and four species of snake are included in the Appendix-II.
IUCN-The World Conservation Union provided a list of 13 globally threatened herptiles (2 crocodiles, 9 turtles, and 2 snakes including the Asiatic rock python) from Nepal.


1. Documentation of herpetofauna of Nepal
2. Cooperation with different stakes of society to disseminate information regarding the status and immediate needs for the conservation of herpetofauna and their habitats
3. Turtle conservation works in low lands of Nepal

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CARON published turtle conservation leaflets and poster in partnership with other stakeholders.

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